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Weight loss results with Bariatric Surgery and Nupo Diet
Very Low Calorie Diet

Weight loss results with Bariatric Surgery and Nupo Diet

See how the Nupo Diet can be integrated into bariatric surgery and its potential benefits for patients' nutritional needs and weight loss results.

As a clinical dietitian with experience in bariatric nutrition, I am aware of the complex journey that patients undergo before and after gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery. These surgical procedures are effective tools for weight loss in individuals with severe obesity, but they require careful preparation and follow-up, especially when it comes to nutrition.





Bariatric surgery a pathway to lasting weight loss Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve are two of the most common types of bariatric surgery used to treat severe obesity. These procedures work by reducing the size of the stomach or altering the digestion process, resulting in reduced food intake and nutrient absorption.

While surgery is crucial for weight loss, nutrition plays an equally important role in ensuring the patient's health and long-term success.

Prior to bariatric surgery, it is crucial for patients to follow a specific diet to reduce liver size and fat content and prepare the body for surgery. This may include a period of very low energy intake (VLED) or very low calorie intake (VLCD), where meals are replaced with nutritious products such as shakes or hot meals. This is where Nupo comes into play as a valuable resource.

Nupo offers a wide range of products, but in the context of pre- and postoperative bariatric surgeries, the focus is on the Nupo Diet, a VLCD with 750-800 kcal. This is because the Nupo Diet is in line with the dietary principles before and after both gastric bypass and sleeve surgeries.

Understanding the importance of nutrition before and after surgery is crucial for patient success and health.

The Nupo Diet serves as an effective tool in this process by offering nutritionally complete products that support weight loss goals and ensure a healthy nutritional status for patients. Alongside bariatric surgery, the Nupo Diet can play a crucial role in establishing a stable and sustainable path to weight loss and improved health.

Nupo an effective dietary approach for bariatric surgery

The Nupo Diet constitutes a low-calorie diet, offering nutritionally complete meals in various forms, including shakes, meals, soups, and dessert. These products are characterized by their high protein content, low calorie content, and presence of all essential nutrients, making them an ideal supplement to the pre-bariatric surgical diet. By replacing traditional meals with the Nupo Diet, patients can achieve significant weight loss and reduction of liver fat, potentially improving the safety and effectiveness of the upcoming operation. It is worth noting that the Nupo Diet is not only relevant before surgery but also as part of the postoperative nutrition plan.

After bariatric surgery, it is important for patients to maintain appropriate calorie intake while ensuring adequate intake of essential nutrients to support the healing process and maintain a healthy nutritional status. The Nupo Diet offers a convenient and nourishing solution in this period, contributing to the patient's long-term success and well-being after surgery.


What are the effects of the Nupo Diet on Bariatric Surgery

The Nupo Diet has several nutritional benefits that support weight loss and preparation for bariatric surgery:

  1. High protein content: Protein is essential for preserving muscle mass during weight loss and supports healing and recovery after surgery.
  2. Low calorie content: The Nupo Diet provides a low-calorie intake, leading to weight loss and reduction of liver fat, which can make the surgery safer.
  3. Essential nutrients: The Nupo Diet contains all essential nutrients in the right amounts, ensuring that the patient maintains a healthy nutritional status despite the reduced calorie intake.
  4. Convenient and easy to use: The Nupo Diet is easy and quick to prepare, making it easy for patients to adhere to the diet, even when on the go.

Therefore, the Nupo Diet is important in bariatric nutrition, however, it is important to emphasize that the diet should be administered under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional, such as a doctor or clinical dietitian, to ensure that it is tailored to the patient's individual needs and health status.

Bariatric surgery is a life-changing decision, and nutrition plays a crucial role in its success. By integrating the Nupo Diet as part of the preoperative preparation, patients can achieve better weight loss results and improved nutritional status.

As a clinical dietitian, I have seen firsthand the positive effects that the Nupo Diet can have on patients preparing for or recovering from bariatric surgery. By including the Nupo Diet as part of the preoperative or postoperative dietary plan, patients can achieve significant weight loss, reduce liver fat, promote the healing process, and improve their overall nutritional status.

This comprehensive approach helps to build a solid foundation for a safe and successful operation while supporting the patient's long-term health and well-being.

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